Choosing the Perfect Ring

An engagement ring is meant to be worn and treasured for a lifetime. Shouldn't the ring be something she actually likes too? Let's take a look at some of the characteristics of the engagement ring that you'll need to decide on.

Gold or Platinum?

18 karat gold and platinum have distinct properties that you should consider before choosing the setting for your engagement ring. The following table identifies these properties to help in your decision.






Strongest, purest metal which will last a lifetime.

Considerably more expensive and rarer than gold. Platinum used in jewelry making consists of 90-95% pure platinum.

Resists damage, tarnish, and wear. Develops a satin finish over time. Difficult to polish and repair due to strength of metal.

18 karat Gold

The classic engagement ring setting and also the most popular.

Less expensive than platinum. Composed of 75% gold and 25% metal alloys to bolster strength.

Soft, bendable metal which is easier to damage but is tarnish resistant. Over time will wear away. Easily polished and repaired.

Note that all of our diamond engagement rings include platinum prongs for the safest, most secure setting for your diamond.

What Setting?

Engagement Solitaire Rings
Solitaire Rings
Engagement Three Stone Rings
Three Stone Rings
Engagement Diamond Settings
Diamond Band
Halo Engagement Ring

When it comes to settings for your diamond, we have as many as your imagination can dream up. From simple bands to lavish designs, Eternity by Yoni has the perfect setting to showcase your choice of diamond. In general, engagement ring settings fall into one of these types:

  • Solitaire Settings – the timeless classic engagement ring solitaire setting. The diamond is strategically placed in four or six prongs to catch as much light as possible.
  • Settings with Sidestones – additional diamonds or colored gemstones flank the diamond centerpiece. The configurations and setting styles of the sidestones are virtually endless.
  • Settings with Matching Bands – engagement ring and wedding band designed specifically to match each other. A great look when worn together on the same finger.
  • Three-Stone Settings – symbolic of your past, present, and future. Diamonds can be the same size or different; you can customize this setting any way you wish.

How do I pick the perfect ring without her knowing?

Let's face it, your partner has probably dreamed about her engagement ring for years and knows what she wants down to the tiniest detail. How do you gather this information without raising her suspicions? Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Sneak a peek at the jewelry she has now. What color metal does she wear the most of?
  2. Consult her close friends, sister, or mother to see if she's shared her ideas of the perfect engagement ring with them. Be sure they won't spoil the surprise!
  3. You will definitely need to know her ring size. This can either be done by asking her outright or taking her for a fitting. There's really no way to finesse your way around this one – it is crucial information!
  4. Consider her lifestyle and profession. Is she very active with her hands and not used to wearing jewelry? If so, you may want to pick a ring with a lower profile and secure settings to protect the diamond from damage.

Keep in mind too that a marriage proposal is probably something the two of you have talked about before, so she may already have given you hints about the type of ring she'd like or even pointed some out in catalogs or in local jewelry shops. If you're really stuck, there's nothing wrong with taking her shopping with you to pick out a ring that fits her tastes. After you've secured the ring, you can devise a romantic, memorable way in which to ask her hand in marriage.

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