For more than a century, the iconic diamond solitaire has been the popular standard for engagement rings, and with good reason. Solitaire engagement rings feature an optimal performance setting to house a high-quality diamond. If you intend to surprise your love with an engagement ring, a diamond solitaire is sure to be something she'll treasure forever.

The beauty of the solitaire ring lies in its elegant simplicity. Whether you choose the traditional Tiffany-style setting for a modern bezel setting, the diamond solitaire ring is the perfect showcase for a high-carat weight diamond or even a modest, high-quality stone. For anyone who believes that diamond solitaire rings are too plain, we offer several settings that feature unique design elements, such as the stylish Engraved Cathedral setting with an engraved filigree band, to challenge the notion of the subtle solitaire.

Recently platinum has begun overtaking gold as the precious metal of choice for solitaire engagement rings. Highly-durable and with an unmistakable luster, it's easy to see why modern couples are turning to platinum in increasing numbers. To be sure, white gold or yellow gold more than hold their own when it comes to style and strength and remain popular choices for solitaire engagement ring settings.

With the solitaire ring setting, the center diamond receives full attention and must be chosen carefully. The solitaire engagement ring settings at Eternity by Yoni are sold ‚Äúsetting-only‚Ä? so you have the freedom to pick the perfect stone to meet your style and budget needs. We recommend you browse our education pages to learn as much as you can about choosing a high-quality diamond she will adore. Of course, our diamond experts are ready to help you navigate the diamond buying process to find a stone that best complements the diamond solitaire setting you choose.

At Eternity by Yoni, we're confident that you will be thrilled with the impeccable craftsmanship of all of our rings, including even the simplest solitaire engagement rings. We understand that the understated solitaire setting requires uncompromising attention to ensure a stunning display. From timeless classics to more modern setting styles such as the lovely arch of the trellis solitaire setting or the daring cut-out look of the partial bezel setting, Eternity by Yoni offers rings of unparalleled artistry and quality.

Whether you choose one of our exclusive engagement ring designs or from our line of preferred designer rings, Eternity by Yoni is the optimal source for solitaire settings.