Halo Engagement Rings

One of the hottest engagement ring styles around today is the halo engagement ring. This engagement ring style first rose to prominence in the Art Deco Era of the 1920s and 30s, when symmetrical lines and high glamour were all the rage in graphic arts. And aside from the stylish aspect of this setting, it also has the added benefit of making the center stone look even larger. Halo engagement rings are like wearable works of art with diamond encrusted frames to accentuate a diamond masterpiece.

Eternity by Yoni top 3 most wanted halo engagement rings:

The halo setting is flexible enough to support several different cuts of diamonds, band styles (like a split shank), and unique adornment options for the halo itself, such as pave set diamonds or even plain metal for an ultra-modern look. It is important to note that a proper balance between halo and center stone is crucial to ensure the best appearance and a secure foundation for the diamonds. That is why we make your ring to order versus trying to force a stone into an inappropriate setting which can sacrifice the structural integrity of the ring and put your diamonds at risk of falling out. As an added level of security, all of our rings undergo a comprehensive quality assurance inspection, which entails inspecting each stone and the precious metal's polish.

Halo Engagement Rings focus on one specific purpose, accentuating the center stone! This is the primary goal of every single halo engagement ring designer. The purpose of the halo engagement ring is not to distract from the center stone, but to enhance it. Halo settings are quite good at enhancing the center stone.

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