Diamond Carat Weight

After carefully considering your diamond's cut, color, and clarity, it's time to think about the size, or carat weight, of the diamond. Carat weight greatly determines the value of a diamond as well as the overall presentation of the diamond when set in a ring.

When diamond cutters work their craft, they attempt to achieve one of the "magic" weights; ½ carat, ¾ carat, one carat, 1.5 carats, and 2 carats. These are the carat weights that most consumers are familiar with and seek out when shopping for diamonds. However, diamonds are available in weights that fall between the magic weights, often for a bargain price.

We recommend that you consider cut, color, and clarity before deciding on a carat weight. Too often diamond buyers have a "bigger is better" mentality and will sacrifice the other more important aspects of a diamond merely to purchase a certain carat weight. Consider your recipient's lifestyle – a highly active woman may find a larger stone awkward or inconvenient if she is constantly bashing it into things. Also, if your recipient has smaller hands, think about how a large stone may look out of place on her.