Wedding Rings 101

Choosing an engagement ring requires careful consideration and thought, whereas choosing a wedding ring is often much easier. Read this guide to learn how to select a wedding ring that complements her engagement ring and her personal taste.

Pre-Matched Sets

To take the guesswork out of shopping for a wedding band that offsets her engagement ring beautifully, we offer engagement ring and wedding band sets. You may purchase both together or separately if you wish, but either way you can rest assured that you'll receive a perfectly balanced pair. If your bride-to-be is all about balance and symmetry, a matched set is the way to go.

Mix It Up

If your beloved prefers a more varied look, opt for a wedding band that contrasts her engagement ring rather than matches it. You can truly let your imagination run wild coming up with fun and daring combinations of engagement rings and wedding bands.

Women's Rings

For a classic look, we recommend the time-honored choices - platinum or 18k gold bands. These durable precious metals create rings that will last a lifetime and never go out of style. Browse our wide selection of gold bands and see for yourself while these rings have been cherished for generations.

If a simple band won't do, we offer a fine array of diamond wedding bands. Choose from prong settings, channel settings and a variety of precious metals to create a sparkling band for your bride. Our three-diamond rings are a popular choice – the three stones representing your past, present, and future together.

Men's Rings

Most men's rings are designed with simple, clean lines and straightforward masculinity in mind. Our collection includes men's wedding bands of varying thicknesses and crafted of platinum or 18k gold. For added visual interest, choose a band set with diamonds or gold braiding. We even offer bride/groom matching ring sets to echo the perfect pair you and your bride make together.