The crisp, white sheen of platinum is the perfect setting for sparkling diamonds. The clean colors of platinum and diamonds echo each other beautifully and create a look of pristine elegance. It is no surprise then that platinum has been cherished for generations.


The platinum jewelry we carry contains 95% platinum fused with 5% iridium, palladium, ruthenium, or another alloy. The amount of platinum found in a piece is always stamped on the jewelry (for example, 950 Plat appears on 95% pure platinum).
Aside from its striking color, platinum is prized for its excellent durability. While gold and silver will wear down over time, even to the point that gold prongs may need to be reinforced after years of abrasion and polish, platinum will hold fast. It is this extraordinary property that inspired us to use platinum to craft secure prongs for all of our diamond settings.
Keep in mind that while platinum exhibits superior durability, it is not immune to scratches and can develop a distinctive patina over time. This patina is rather pleasant to look at and is a unique attribute of platinum, but if you prefer, this patina can be polished away to restore the original reflective finish.


As with gold jewelry, you can keep platinum fresh and beautiful by applying a simple solution of mild soap and rinsing with warm water. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove debris if needed.