Engagement Rings 101

There are no tests or term-papers and absolutely no make-ups in this class. When choosing an engagement ring, you get one shot to get it right – so we've set up this helpful engagement ring guide to help you make the right decision.

As you are likely already know, the time-honored engagement ring consists of a single diamond housed in a setting of precious metal. But choosing just the right diamond for your beloved may seem a bit overwhelming.

You may also have heard the common recommendation for spending "two months salary" on an engagement ring, but we advise our customers to focus more on quality and value and not so much on an arbitrary dollar amount. We believe the bulk of your investment should go towards a spectacular diamond; a setting is easy enough to replace if she doesn't love it.

Read through these useful articles and shopping tips before making your decision and you're sure to select an engagement ring she'll adore. We've even included some stories from our customers relating how they proposed to their partner. As always, feel free to contact us if you have specific questions about choosing a diamond engagement ring.

  • Choosing the Perfect Ring – Learn how to figure out her taste in rings and ring size without raising her suspicions.
  • Choosing the Best Diamond – Learn how to be a smart diamond shopper and you'll be able to purchase a diamond that balances size, color, and quality at a price you can be comfortable with.
  • Choosing the Right Jeweler – Learn what to look for in a professional, knowledgeable jeweler you can trust.
  • How Others Popped the Question – Read other customers' proposal stories for inspiration or just for fun. If you have your own proposal story to share we'd love to hear it!