A diamond's cut not only determines its shape, but also how well the diamond performs – that is, how it reflects light and creates the dazzling show that diamonds are prized for. It's no surprise then that many professional gemologists consider a diamond's cut the most crucial aspect of a quality diamond.

Even diamonds with superior color and quality can suffer from a poor cut, which robs the diamond of its innate brilliance. If the cut is too shallow, light travels straight through the diamond, thus reducing its brilliance. If the cut is too deep, light is dispersed out of the sides of the diamond, causing a dull, lifeless appearance. The best diamond cut allows light to enter the diamond, and then reflects it directly up to the surface to create the glorious "scintillation" effect of a brilliant diamond.

Diamond cuts are graded by industry professionals who measure and analyze several parameters, including diamond's facets, polish, and symmetry. This grading process makes it easier for shoppers to identify how a diamond reflects light, and thereby make an informed decision about the diamond they are buying.

We offer the following grades of diamond cut to provide you with the best selection for your budget without sacrificing quality. We never stock diamonds graded "poor."


The rarest and most expensive diamond cut. Reflects nearly all light for a superb sparkle.

Very Good

Reflects almost as much light as the Ideal cut but costs less.


Reflects most light and is less expensive than Very Good.


Not as brilliant as a Good, but still of acceptable quality.