While many people think of diamonds as colorless gems that create a prismatic display of rainbows from reflected light, diamonds do indeed carry some pigmentation. The purest white diamonds, or those that contain nearly no color at all, create unparalleled color displays, called fire, from reflected light. The more yellow or brown color found in a diamond, the less brilliant and colorful this display will be.

Diamond colors are graded on a scale from D (totally colorless) through Z (noticeable color). Note that A, B, and C grades may be used by some diamond retailers, but they are not recognized by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) – there is no color grade higher than D.

Diamonds graded K through Z contain a noticeable yellow or brown pigment and are often marketed as "fancy" colored diamonds or "champagne" diamonds. However, as pigmentation increases, there is a decrease in the diamond's ability to reflect light, so we do not carry them. We offer only colorless or near-colorless diamonds for maximum fire.

Bear in mind that the size, shape, and setting of your diamond plays an important role in how visible any non-white pigmentation will appear. For example:

  • Cuts with large facets like Asscher or Emerald will show more color than a round cut diamond.
  • Smaller diamonds (less than 1 carat) are less likely to have pigmentation noticeable to the naked eye; conversely, when comparing two larger diamonds of different color grades, one can usually notice the difference.
  • Platinum or white gold settings will naturally cause yellow or brown pigments in a diamond to appear more pronounced; while yellow gold may have the opposite effect .


Completely colorless and extremely rare.


Rare. Colorless to the naked eye. Only trace amounts of color visible via gemologist's viewing tools.


Colorless to the naked eye and of high quality. Only trace amounts of color visible via gemologist's viewing tools.


Nearly colorless. Slight color visible when compared side-by-side to a diamond of a higher grade. Excellent value.


Nearly colorless. Slight color visible but excellent value.


Visible color. Not carried by Eternity by Yoni.


Visible color. Not carried by Eternity by Yoni.

If your budget allows and you prefer a purely white diamond, or if you prefer to save some money and choose a diamond with a small amount of color, Eternity by Yoni has the right diamond for you!


A diamond's fluorescence refers to its ability to emit a softly colored glow under ultraviolet light. Fluorescence is a highly contested topic in the diamond industry, but the actual relevance to customers is negligible. On the plus side, a diamond with fluorescent properties can make a diamond look even whiter than its given color grade and are usually less expensive than diamonds with little or no fluorescence. On the negative, a diamond with a very strong fluorescence may appear hazy or oily. However, studies on fluorescence seem to indicate that a diamond's fluorescence presents no noticeable difference to customers when compared to diamonds without fluorescence.